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1993.April Mr. Yasutaro Hamana, first president, founded Hamana Steel Co. at Ichioka, Minato-ku, Osaka and started to manufacture the stranding machine for wore rope and electric cable.
1945.October The company moved to the present Fuchu-cho, Izumi-city.
1958.October Hamana Iron Works Co., Ltd. was established in the capital of JPY3,000,000-.  Thereafter, owing to the leading companies of wire ropes and electric cables, Hamana has developed more and more both in factory size and in technical innovation.  In the beginning of 21st century, Hamana reached to one of the most technically developed company in the world, and exported its products to more than 45 countries.
Hamana built the new factory at Inogchi-cho, Izumi-city and its main office moved there.
1970.December The capital was increased to JPY30,000,000-
1971.June Hamana developed GH-type buncher licensed by Goodderidge, a world famous company as the buncher manufacturer in France, and obtained the monopoly copy rights for sales in 22 countries including domestic market.
1972.January Mr. Hiroshi hamana succeeded the presidency following the decease of Mr. Yasutaro hamana.
1973.April Oda factory was constructed with the big-scale assembly line at Oda-cho, Izumi-city.
1975.March Hamana R&D center team developed the new epoch-making air bearing system and achieved its practical use for the stranding machine.
1977 Hamana developed the double twist buncher for fine steel wire, for applying the increased demand of the automobile tire cords.  Furthermore, Hamana developed the double twist buncher and the skip-type standing machine for steel wire rope.
1980.June Hamana Engineering and Service Corporation was established for maintenance, modification, repairing and over-haul of Hamana products in order to fill-up the customer’s requirements.
1988.August Mr. Akira Hamana succeeded the presidency and Mr. Hiroshi Hamana was appointed as a chairperson.
1988.December The second Oda factory was constructed and Hamana greatly increased its productivity.
1989.September New office of R&D center was constructed and the design network was established by CAD. Accurate and prompt drawing and innovation became easily possible, and the robot buncher was developed.
1990.July The capital was increased to JPY50,000,000-
1991.December Hamana constructed Migata factory at Migata-cho, Izumi-city. The robot buncher production started for practical use.
1992.May Head office building was constructed.
1996.March HAMANA MACHINERY (MALASIA) SDN, BHD. was established in the joint work with Okura & Co., Ltd. and started its production.
1997.September Mr. Hiroshi Hamana succeeded the presidency again.
2001.June Shanghai Hamana Machinery Co., Ltd. was established at Shanghai, China and started its production.
2001.November The capital was increased to JPY55,000,000-
2002.June Mr. Haruaki Nobata succeeded the presidency.
2003.August The capital was increased to JPY61,000,000-
2006.June Wardwell Hamana (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in the joint work with Wardwell Braiding Machine Co., New York at Shanghai, China.
2014.July Shanghai Hamana Machinery Co., Ltd. moved to the new factory at Nanhui Lao Gang Industry District, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, and increased its productivity to more than double capacity.
2015.January Hamana changed its official registered name from Hamana Iron Works Co., Ltd. to Hamana Co., Ltd.
2015.July Mr. Kenji Kajikawa succeeded the presidency.
2018.May Shanghai Hamana Machinery Co Ltd. moved to Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province.
Jiangsu Hamana Machinery Co ., Ltd. was established and started its production.
3-3, Inokuchi-cho, lzumi City, Osaka, Japan. 594-0072
TEL.(81)725-43-5151 FAX.(81)725-45-0616