HAMANA CO., LTD. is now proud of the top position in the cable-producing machine manufactures in Japan, in the field of the nonferrous metals. We have the outstanding technology and shares in the world cable manufacturers, to compete the top position.
The company is the world powerful enterprise and its products are favorably accepted not only in Japan but also in the many overseas countries and areas.
We are also proud of the export achievements to more than 50 countries, since the company foundation of 85 years. This is brought from the high technical-quality reliance of our clients.
The company is the only one company to be able to design and manufacture the great variety of the cable-producing machinery, from the extremely small one to the extremely large one
In the business fields, it is well respected that HAMANA has no cable-producing machinery who cannot manufacture.


The machinery manufactured by the outstanding technology are widely used, such as

  1. The power and communication cables for industry, store and housing
  2. The submarine cables which are widely laid not only in the Japanese islands but also in the worldwide submarines such as America, Middle East, Asia, and Africa
  3. The cables for airplane, shipping, and railway
  4. The wire harness used as automobile nerve, and the fine wire cables widely used in its parts
  5. The safe elevator ropes used for every buildings
  6. The very big wire ropes used for suspension bridges such as Seto large bridge, Akashi Straits one and Naruto one
  7. The PC steel wires which reinforce the high way
  8. The steel cords which reinforce the automobile tires
  9. The super-extremely fine electric and wire cables for the current medical use such as heart catheter,endoscope and micro surgery.

HAMANA products are also used in the various home electronics and IT (intelligent technology) instruments. Its machinery is now very important and necessary one for human life and business. HAMANA is the leading-edge company provided by its outstanding technology, in the world.






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